Finding the Right Media Buyer

Finding the Right Media Buyer

An experienced media buyer uses research and expertise to make strategic buys in Direct Response TV, print, radio, and online media. Effective media buying yields a measurable increase in sales of your products or services. When searching for the right media buyer, look for the following elements:


The more experienced a DRTV media buyer is, the more knowledge and expertise they have to buy the most profitable media at the lowest price for your DRTV or online campaign. Find out how many years the media buying firm has been in the industry before selecting them. Also determine the area of direct response media buying they specialize in. Some firms are experts at selling products through DRTV and others specialize in lead generation campaigns.

An Impressive Portfolio

Before selecting a DRTV media buyer, ask them to give you examples of similar campaigns for which they have bought media.

Tools For Media Buying Research And Analysis

Find out if the media buying service has any proprietary software or tools. You should ask if the media buying firm has a database of media buys that worked for competitive products or services that share a similar target audience.


Find a media buying service that has the ability to customize their buys to the specific needs of your DRTV campaign. This requires the knowledge to creatively plan and negotiate media.

Successful Past Results

Look for a media buying service that has tested and rolled out profitable DRTV campaigns.

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