Cost of media buying service

The Cost of Media Buying

  • The cost of DRTV media buying can vary, depending on the stations and spot times purchased.
  • An advantage for DRTV campaigns is that DRTV media rates are significantly lower than traditional TV media rates.
  • This allows DRTV marketers to brand and sell their products with higher cost efficiency.
  • Because potential customers respond to DRTV campaigns through a phone number or website, DRTV media buying gives marketers and retail buyers the ability to monitor and report the success of TV campaigns in real-time.
  • Brand Direct Response agencies also provide their clients with the traditional media plan metrics they are accustomed to, including GRP’s, impressions, CPM’s, Cost Per Point and Rating Points.
  • Direct Response TV’s low cost, flexibility, and focus on ROI maximizes media buying results.

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