10 Tips About DRTV Media Buying

10 Tips About DRTV For Effective Media Buying

  1. Cut advertising costs by including DRTV in your media buying strategy.
  2. To ensure high quality and customer response, hire a professional production team to produce your DRTV commercial.
  3. Track your ROI so that you can adjust your media buying for the best results.
  4. Make sure your telemarketers understand the product and are polite toward callers.
  5. Include a deal in your DRTV offer so that it is more appealing to your viewers.
  6. Tell a story in your DRTV commercial to show how it could improve your target audience’s life.
  7. Repetition of contact information is key in direct response television.
  8. Include both an 800 number and a website for the customer to order or obtain more information about your product or service.
  9. Make sure you understand who your target audience is so you can effectively target your DRTV media buy
  10. Work with a DRTV media buying firm that knows how to optimize media buys, in order to maximize your campaign’s ROI

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